Kettlebell / Bodyweight Strength Training 3.0 - the NEW Way to Build Strength and Muscle with Kettlebells - WITHOUT Having to Lift Heavy Weights

This program combines kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, so you can build muscle while being gentle on your body and joints.

From: The Laptop of Forest Vance, Former Pro Football Player, Kettlebell Expert, Over 40 Training Specialist

Dear fellow kettlebell enthusiast,

Do you want to get stronger, but feel limited by your body's ability to handle heavy weights?

Has years of hard training left your body beaten and bruised, and you want to get stronger but don't want to put your body through more stress?

Are you working with a limited number of kettlebells, but still want to make progress and get stronger in your workouts?

I have a solution for you!

But more on that later...

How you can build muscle without having to lift heavier weights:

The progressive overload principle is how you get stronger over time, and lifting progressively heavier weights is one way to do it.

But if you keep raising the weight, eventually it becomes too heavy and puts you at risk for serious injuries. So the challenge is to find ways to stimulate muscle growth without getting hurt in the process.

My new course, Kettlebell / Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training 3.0, uses more than a dozen methods to help you get stronger without lifting heavier, like:

1 – Drop Sets involve performing an exercise until failure, then reducing the weight and continuing to failure. This technique can be applied to various exercises. For example, after reaching muscle fatigue with a certain weight, immediately reduce the load by about 20-30% and continue the exercise. Drop sets increase time under tension, promoting muscle endurance and hypertrophy without solely relying on lifting heavier weights.

2 – Super Sets involve performing two exercises consecutively without rest. This technique can target the same muscle group or opposing muscle groups. For instance, pair a lower-body exercise like swings with an upper-body exercise like presses. Super Sets increase the intensity of your workout, promoting muscular endurance and metabolic stress, which can contribute to strength gains without always needing to add weight.

3 - Isometric holds involve holding a position without joint movement. Incorporating isometric pauses into your routine can help enhance strength. For example, at the midpoint of a split squat, hold the position for a specific duration before completing the repetition. This challenges your muscles in a different way, emphasizing control and stability.

These are only three of the numerous methods we use in Kettlebell - Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training 3.0 to help you increase strength and muscle without needing to lift heavier weights! Are you prepared to start the full program?

Now introducing:

Kettlebell - Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training 3.0

The main program is four weeks long and is designed to help add strength and lean muscle. The workouts are only about 30 minutes three times a week and you don't have to lift heavy weights. This makes the program great for people who are 40 years old or older.

This is the PERFECT way to train if you want to gain strength and muscle, and also want to go a *little* easier on your body than the traditional heavy lifting approach.

Some additional benefits include:

1 – We can gain more strength and lean muscle

2 – The workouts are short and efficient

3 – They can be adapted so that you can do them any time, any place, in 20 or 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days per week


This is an ADDITIONAL, full 28 day kettlebell program.

In this unique new program, I am going to take you by the hand, and help you keep and gain strength, lose weight, and stay fit.

You're going to do it with special 500-rep kettlebell workouts that will test you physically and mentally, but also go easy on your body and joints, and help you with specifics like:

  • Strengthening your bones
  • Gain strength
  • Gain cardiovascular strength
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Improve core strength
  • Reduce back pain

...and MUCH more...

And all you need is a couple of kettlebells, and about 20 minutes per day.

This course is brand new and not available anywhere else - you get it FREE with your order (for a limited time) when you order right now today.


You’ve been dieting hard for the last 10-12+ weeks.

You’ve been eating strict and busting your a@@ doing extra cardio.

..and you’ve FINALLY hit your weight loss goal!

Time to “go back to normal”, right?


When you’ve been gradually chopping your calorie intake and adding cardio week by week, your metabolism will gradually slow down. It’s kind of like your body’s natural response to keep itself from starving to death.

If you jump right back to eating how you were before your diet started however, you’re likely going to quickly put weight back on.

“Reverse dieting” is the solution to keep this from happening!

Includes video training and workbook - Every day value = $14, FREE when you sign up now today.


The third free bonus you're going to get when you sign up now today is my Barbell Basics program.

This is intended to be run ALONG SIDE of your kettlebell met-con style workouts.

It's based off the programming we use for an “Advanced” small group training program at our gyms.

This is the group that HANDS DOWN produces some of our best success stories.

How? Why?

We do a MIX of:

- A basic barbell lift
- Metabolic conditioning

At every workout.

This is also what I do personally in my own training, and I think that this approach produces the best, all-around results if you want to become strong, fit, and athletic.

This manual is intended to get YOU started with lifting - as an ADDITION to your existing HIIT - type program.

Value = $15, FREE when you sign up now today

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This is the COMPLETE program you need to get results.

In a typical economic climate, we would charge between $79-99 for this program.

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If you love it, you can continue in my on-going monthly Kettlebell Challenge program for just $37 every 28 days.

If you don't like it, you can cancel at any time - no hard feelings.

But we think that when you try this program, you'll get amazing results, and you'll be hooked!

Kettlebell - Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training 3.0 - Try for Just $7, This Week Only - Click Here to Get It Now

Check Out What a Few of My Clients Have to Say About My Programs ...

Personal, passionate and skilled.

Highly recommend Forest if you want a trainer that is knowledgeable and experienced. He’s great to train with. Thanks!

- Ryan M

Awesome Workout!

Wow!!! After years of trying to lose weight, I finally lost 10 lbs. The first couple of months after I joined Forest's workout, I lost inches.... Now, I am overwhelmed with joy that I am down to size 8 and BMI of 24.8!!!

- Clarissa

Feels so great!

The first workout was awesome! I was feeling sore during the workout, and am definitely feeling the great soreness today. =P I'm ready for more!

- Mari

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many kettlebells will I need to perform these workouts?

A: Just a couple of kettlebells are all you need. Recommended starting weights are a 16k and a 24k for men, an 8k and a 16k for women - but these suggestions could be bumped up or down based on training experience and current fitness level.

Q: Are these workouts suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

YES! I have designed the program with this specifically in mind.

Q: I have XYZ injury - can I still do these workouts?

It depends on the injury. What I find is that most people do one of two things when they get injured: 1) stop exercising completely, or 2) keep working out, change nothing, and make the injury worse. I recommend something in between. And I try to give as many options and modifications as I can for all the exercises, so that you can adjust for your own particular situation.

Thanks, and take care -

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement 

Master Kettlebell Instructor

Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

PS - 
With Kettlebell / Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training 3.0, you can achieve the physique you've always wanted without having to lift heavier weights.

PPS - This program is the best of both worlds - kettlebells and bodyweight exercises - to help you build muscle and burn fat while being kind to your body and joints.

PPPS - In a typical economic climate, we would charge between 79-99 for this program. And it would be well worth it.

But I am sensitive to what is happening right now. You want to get fit, but you also want VALUE. That's why I'm pricing Kettlebell - Bodyweight Hybrid Strength Training at only $47 $7 for the first week!

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