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28-day "Metabolic Resistance Training" Kettlebell Challenge 3.0

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FROM: the desk of Forest Vance, former pro football player, kettlebell expert, over 40 training specialist

Dear fellow kettlebell fan:

  • Are you looking to take your kettlebell workouts to the next level?
  • You want to add more lean muscle, while burning even more calories per workout, all at the same time?
  • Are you looking for a serious workout that gets results, but at the same time, helps you avoid injury?

Good news - you're in the right place!

But more on that in just a bit.

How I Used "MRT" to Lose 70 Pounds in 7 Months

You see, not long ago, I was an athlete, and played many sports growing up. I played college football at the University of California, Davis. I was a three-time All-American and even went on to play a couple of years in the NFL (Green Bay in 2004 and Kansas City in 2005).

The year 2006 rolls around. I am no longer playing football, and I am rapidly gaining fat and losing muscle. I see a picture of myself and realize I have to change something, and fast!

Up to this point in time, I had trained hard and heavy, hours per day. It worked to keep me in shape! However, this was no longer practical given my new life situation and goals. I was now working full time, so didn't have hours per day to dedicate to my workouts. My priority was now fat loss, leanness, and functional fitness - NOT being as big and strong as possible!

So I researched. I studied. I tried any and every training method under the sun to reach my goals. It was slow going at first! Then I came across a training method that worked better than anything else...

Though it wasn't called this at the time, what I was doing was Metabolic Resistance Training, also known as “MRT”.

It involves stacking multiple heavier, compound exercises together to create an oxygen debt.

With this style of training, you end up burning a ton of calories – during the session, AND for the rest of the day – plus you’re able to build lean muscle, all at the same time.

This is NOT HIIT (similar, but HIIT typically does NOT have you using heavier, compound movements).

And this is NOT traditional strength training (DOES typically use heavier lifts, but also typically very little cardio or conditioning involved).

It’s the best of both worlds!


I was able to lose about 70 pounds (went from about 310 to 240) over a span of around six months, and I have kept it off, and even continued to improve, to this day!

In this time period, I also discovered kettlebells. I found that they were the perfect tool to COMBINE with MRT to get next level results. Because I could get a real, serious workout in only about 20-30 minutes using them. They would not beat up my body like the training I used to do for football. And maybe most importantly, they delivered REAL RESULTS!

Now for the last several years, I have worked with kettlebell coaching clients online individually in my "KB Fit Over 40" Personalized Coaching program, and will continue to do so, using these MRT-type kettlebell training methods.

HOWEVER, that program is 1) very individualized to each participant, which means I can only work with a very limited number of individuals at any one time, and 2) because of this, the price point is higher and is out of many people's price range.

So, that's why I have created:

The 28-Day MRT Kettlebell Challenge 3.0

Here's how it works:

  • On signing up below, you'll be officially "in" for the 28-day Challenge. We send you a detailed workout plan each week to follow, so you'll know exactly what to do every day, no guessing. These are also NEW workouts each day, so that you won't ever get bored. And each workout builds on the last, so that you can feel and see your progress throughout.
  • We're going to do live walk-thru videos of each workout. This way, you can see us demonstrating all the exercises, breaking down the form, and more.
  • We will keep you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE in our private group we have set up. you will post here every time you complete a workout and we'll cheer you on as well as answer any questions. This is something most programs do NOT address.


The first FREE bonus I am going to hook you up with when you sign up right now today is my "10x10 Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plan" program. This is a completely done-for-you, simple-to-follow rapid fat loss meal plan. It's not based around theory, rather what works in the real world … this approach has worked wonders for hundreds of my personal training clients and is largely responsible for thousands of pounds of weight loss under my personal guidance. I show you how to figure out your exact requirements, then give you 10 super simple breakfast, lunch / dinner, and snack choices to pick from. COULD be the easiest, fastest fat loss meal plan ever... every day value = $20++, FREE when you sign up now today.

The second bonus I am going to include when you sign up today is my "Extreme Bodyweight Cardio Conditioning" program. This special report includes several workouts designed to help you get your cardio training in, using body weight movements instead of the traditional cardio approach. Every day value = $20++, FREE when you sign up now today

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This is the COMPLETE program you need to get results.

In a typical economic climate, we would charge between $79-99 for this program. And it would be well worth it. And hundreds of folks have, in our past challenges.

But I am sensitive to what is happening right now. You want to get fit, but you also want VALUE. That's why I'm pricing the Challenge at only $37 dollars for the whole 28 days.

Then, if you love this Challenge, you can continue on in future Challenges for just $28 every 28 days, and you will roll automatically into the next one.

If you don't like it, you can cancel at any time - no hard feelings.

But we think that when you try this program, you'll get amazing results, and you'll be hooked!

Just $121 $37, this week ONLY, starts Monday, May 10th, 2021

 Challenge Starts Monday, May 10th - Click Here to Sign Up Now

Check out what some of my clients have said about working with me:

"Loved the program!! I was looking for new ways to condition myself ... and found it with this program!! I will be using Forest's other programs especially for strength building!"

- Joel Robinson

"I loved this program. I can't believe it's already been four weeks. The workouts were awesome and you gave us so much great information and motivation. I lost five pounds. Endurance is hugely improved. Definite improvements in overall muscle definition. I will continue to incorporate these workouts into my trainings. Excellent format Forest, thank you!!"

- Carolyn Rudin

"Probably lost some weight, definitely got some muscles... but the larger gain is that it helped me move on a different level, it could have been either physical or mental limitation, not sure ... also it is totally okay to do KB strength and this program's cardio together ... I will be doing HIIT and cardio days differently from now on :)"

- Maria Tverdostup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many kettlebells will I need to perform these workouts?

A: Just a couple of kettlebells are all you need. Recommended starting weights are a 16k and a 24k for men, an 8k and a 16k for women - but these suggestions could be bumped up or down based on training experience and current fitness level.

Q: Are these workouts suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

YES! I have designed the program with this specifically in mind. We have a "foundations" week before the actual program starts, specifically designed with helping you learn the kettlebell form and getting your fitness level up to speed. Then the workouts themselves are also adjustable and can be modified for all different fitness levels!

Q: I have XYZ injury - can I still do these workouts?

It depends on the injury. What I find is that most people do one of two things when they get injured: 1) stop exercising completely, or 2) keep working out, change nothing, and make the injury worse. I recommend something in between. And I try to give as many options and modifications as I can for all the exercises, so that you can adjust for your own particular situation.

Just $121 $37, this week ONLY, starts Monday, May 10th, 2021

Thanks, and take care -

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement 

Master Kettlebell Instructor

Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

PS - For the last 16 years, I have worked full time in the fitness industry.

I started as a personal trainer at a big box gym, ended up working as a personal training and club manager at several locations, then started my own personal training business in 2009.

During this time, I completed my Master's Degree in Human Movement from A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona.

I also have extensive training and experience teaching kettlebells, having gone through multiple RKC and StrongFirst certifications, teaching / assisting other trainers at these events, and even teaching workshops independently around the country.

I say all of this to let you know, I am qualified to be your kettlebell coach! :)

PPS - This is a powerful, game-changing program. And we get started on Monday, May 10th. Sign up today!

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NOTE: The 28-day KB MRT Challenge 3.0 program consists of downloadable PDFs and streaming / downloadable videos. No physical products will be shipped.