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Who Else Wants to Lose 17 Pounds of Bodyfat ... Gain 6 Pounds of Lean, Functional Muscle ... AND Get Faster, Stronger, and More Athletic ... ALL at the SAME TIME?

I did it using these unusual bodyweight training methods ... and in today's article, I'm going to show exactly how YOU can do it too!

by Forest Vance
Master of Science in Human Movement/Corrective Exercise
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

Are you tired of traditional lifting programs that help you add a bit of muscle, but leave you inflexible, less athletic, and injured in the process?

Do you have dings and injuries from years of hard training that make traditional weight lifting just a bit too much for your aging body?

Are you ready to try something totally different to shock your system and experience dramatic results?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to read this entire website.

My name is Forest Vance. I’m a personal trainer and boot camp instructor based out of the Sacramento, CA area.

In addition to over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have a Master’s of Science in Human Movement, as well as being a Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor.

I want to share a little bit about my own personal story – and most importantly, how what I’ve learned can help YOU.

The summer after my senior year of High School, I needed to get in shape. I was preparing for my first year of college football.

Double days were starting in the beginning of August, and I was NOT about to show up to training camp out of shape.

Problem was, I had been partying it up for the previous months. Drinking the beers, chasing the girls, doing all the stuff any red-blooded 18 year old guy does! ...

And while I was having a lot of fun, I had gotten OUT of my peak physical condition. I was probably 15 pounds over where I needed to be, and my conditioning just wasn't there.

A lot of the training I did in high school was bodybuilding-style workouts. Where you would focus on a specific body part for the day, hit 4 or 5 different exercises for that part of the body, and call it a day.

It worked well for building bigger muscles, but not so much for getting me into athletic shape and peak condition.

I needed a training plan that would get me ready for training camp, and turn me into a lean, mean, fighting shape machine.

I read an article in a magazine about Herschel Walker's workout routine.

(In case you're not familiar - Herschel Walker was the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner and one of the all time greatest physical specimens to walk the earth!)

He did a LOT of calisthenics - type movements (pull ups, push ups, squats, lunges, burpees, swinging on the monkey bars), as well as various running, sprinting, jumping, running the stadium steps, jumping rope, etc.

He didn't lift weights - in a traditional sense - at ALL!

I basically followed the outline of his program - and though it could have been better planned out (which I am going to show you how to do in just a minute) ... it WORKED!!

Flash forward to 6 weeks into the program. I'm down 17 pounds, up 6 pounds of muscle, and feeling great. It's the 4th of July celebration in downtown Colfax - the small town in the Northern California Sierra Foothills where I grew up.

We're fooling around in the downtown area, but then we hear that the fireworks are about to start in 2 minutes ...

And we are planning on watching the fireworks from the roof of my friend's house.

His house is at the top of the hill, overlooking the downtown.

Perfect view for the fireworks, but a few hundred yards from where we were - and uphill!

So we take off running to try and make it to his roof in time.

I remember sprinting up the hill ... getting 50, 100, 200 yards in ... and still going strong!

And it's one of those weird little life moments that you remember ... and I was like ...

"Damn! I'm in the best shape I've ever been in!" ...
... and I can say that I did it 100% with bodyweight - based training.

Then, the other day, almost 20 years later, I was running the stadium steps Hughes Stadium here in the Sacramento, CA area, and it brought me right back.

I got the exact same feeling I got almost 20 years ago when I was running up the hill to watch fireworks from my friend's house.

I at that moment, I realized that I needed to create a training course to help YOU achieve these same results ...

Now introducing …

Bodyweight Beast Building

Complete Training System - Updated for 2022!

Component 1 - Bodyweight Shred

Component one of the updated Bodyweight Beast training system is Bodyweight Shred. You are going to shed fat and get ripped, using just your own bodyweight. You'll be training HARD, but you'll also take it easy on the body and joints, so that you can get amazing results at any age.

Find inside:

  • Specific warm ups designed to get you mentally and physically ready for high intensity bodyweight workouts
  • Specific recovery sequences to help you speed up recovery and reduce aches and pains
  • Bodyweight - based strength workouts so that you can gain slabs of lean mass AND shed bodyfat, all at the same time while keeping athletic and mobile
  • Conditioning sessions designed to compliment your bodyweight sessions so that you can gain all-around fitness every day of the week
  • And much more!

Component 2 - Bodyweight Strong

Component two of the Bodyweight Beast Building training system is my bodyweight STRONG course. You'll add strength and lean muscle using nothing but your own bodyweight!

Find Inside:

  • A complete twelve week program to boost your strength and size (and one that’s easily modified for almost any fitness level) … broken down into TWO phases …
  • (six week phase one) Workouts that will build a base, get you PUMPED and practically FORCE you to gain muscle size … simple old school methods like time under tension, timed rest periods and (gasp!) a body part split are still VERY effective techniques for gaining muscle
  • (six week phase two) Workouts that will progress you to body weight moves that are NOT just a novelty (i.e. one-arm pull ups) but real, attainable exercises and progressions to get you super-strong
  • Each workout spelled out in detail in the main manual – so that you’ll know exactly what to do on each training day
  • VIDEO walk-thrus of each workout in the program – so that you’ll know exactly HOW to do every exercise with perfect technique – and how and when to progress to the exercise difficulty that is right for YOU and your own personal fitness level
  • Programming that does NOT rely on popular “workout of the day” methodology, but instead logical progression and consistency … which is KEY in getting you the results you are looking for from body weight only training
  • The best, most effective body weight exercises to quickly and easily gain strength and mass.  Challenging progressions for simple moves … get good at these and your body weight – to – strength ratio will be insane
  • Cool alternative movements to cranking out endless sets of push ups and body weight squats
  • Bonus tips and tricks to drill down the fine points of each move – improve body awareness, perfect your technique and become a body weight training ninja

And much more!

Component 3 - Bodyweight Beast

The third component of the complete Bodyweight Beast Building program is my 6-week Bodyweight Beast course. You'll use your new shredded and muscular physique to take your workouts to the next level... we'll delve into the best of BOTH worlds with an all-around program to help you further improve your body composition, strength, speed, power and more!

Find Inside:

  • 6 week bodyweight - based workout plan - we use old-school bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere - and put them into new, fresh, unique workouts for gains in strength, flexibility, and overall health
  • ​Detailed written and video instruction - you'll get a detailed training plan for each week of the program. There are also links to instructional videos so that you'll know how to perform every exercise with perfect form.
  • ​Additional practical and effective methods for improving strength, speed, power, and body composition - hill sprints, plyometrics, jump rope, and water running will shock your body and take your results to the next level. *These are OPTIONAL parts of the workout - modifications are provided - all you need to complete the program is your own bodyweight and access to a suspension trainer and/or pull up bar.
  • ​Workouts can be done any time, any place, in 20-45 minutes.

And much more!

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Check Out What a Few of My Clients Have Said About Training Programs I've Created Like This One

“With a bodyweight training program , I can do resistance work whenever and wherever I want. Without the need for equipment, I can work my body in a different way, and in the process provide myself with new challenges. In combination with my kettlebell training – and as a complement to it – my training remains fresh & enjoyable.”

Ron R.

“I love the videos and the “down to earth” approach you have for fitness training.”

Ron C.

“I’m already found out that doing body weight exercises are one of the best all around toning, strengthening and no hassle systems. I can work out at home and at the gym to get really warmed up for my kettlebell circuits then finish off with some more body weight exercises. While I’m just starting out on this, I find when at the gym some folks are amused at first when they are watching me and then when I’m done and totally drenched they ask me what the heck were those exercises? I’ve been reading these updates for a while and always find new exercises to use.”

Gabriel C.

“Thanks, for all the great ideas and workouts….. I use them personally and in my classes…..thanks.”


Exercise is about functional movement. The ability to complete everyday tasks as easily as possible. Especially as we age. That requires us to have the ability to move our own body weight. What better way to train then. Use your own body weight. Target the muscles that enable us to move our own body weight, by moving our own body weight, Simple. 

Craig W.

Having used progressively heavy weights that resulted in injuries that required time off to heal, I am a firm believer in the value of body weight exercises. Theyve helped me heal and recover faster than I expected.

Thomas F.

As a personal trainer I strive to challange my clients as much as possible. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect way to train in a functional way and make it fun!


MORE Proof

If you are a bit skeptical that you can gain strength and size with body weight – only training, I totally understand – I used to be, too. I wanted to provide you with just a few examples of folks who train almost if not completely exclusively with body weight only training and have muscular, strong, athletic physiques:

Gymnasts are known for their strong, muscular, athletic physiques.  They maintain a VERY muscular condition – in most cases without the use of traditional weight training at all – but rather through the use of advanced body weight training techniques.

Many high level athletes were know to train doing traditional and basic movements like dips, pull ups, etc – Ricky Henderson is one specific one that comes to mind:

FINALLY look at prison inmates. In many cases they do not have access to weights at all. Yet they are VERY muscular – through the use of advanced body weight only training.

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I'm going to take all of the risk out of this transaction for you.

Order my guide right now today, and if you're not absolutely satisfied for whatever reason, contact me any time within the next 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund every dime of your money, quietly and promptly, no questions asked.

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Regular price for this entire package is $47. That's less than 50% of the price of a single personal training session at my studio!

However, if you order right now today, you can Bodyweight Beast for just $29:

Just $47 $29 when you order right now today

Thanks, and take care -

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement 

Master Kettlebell Instructor

Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting


PS – If you train at home or in your garage, have access to limited equipment, are beat up from years of heavy training and lifting, or just are looking for a new routine - the Body Weight Beast system is for you.

PPS – This is not your typical sit up/push up/calisthenic – based body weight training program.  This is a system based around serious – but DO-able – advanced body weight exercise progressions.

PPPS – The Body Weight Beast system is only $29 for a very limited time, and includes a full 21 WEEKS of body weight -based strength workouts.

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